About ŠOS

Slovenian  Student Union (ŠOS) is the main organization of all students in Slovenia and represents the interests of more than 80.000 students of Slovenian universities, colleges, high schools and also vocational and higher education institutions abroad.

ŠOS was established with Student Association Act in 1994 – pledging legal subjectivity and independence, but didn’t start to operate as organization that represents students on national level till November 2002 when the new Student Constitution was formed. ŠOS is umbrella organization comprising student organizations of Universities of Ljubljana, Maribor, Primorska and Student clubs association of Slovenia, who gathers 52 student clubs from all around Slovenia. ŠOS’s main concern is to enhance student conditions and possibilities for study, social issues and the development of extracurricular and curricular activities pursue students’ interests in their own university and local. ŠOS cooperates active in forming national politics and programs concerning high education, scholarships, student residence, student work, health care and the employment of young graduates. About all issues concerning students ŠOS communicates with Government through the Government Council for Student Affairs and the working groups.

ŠOS is a full member of European Students’ Union – ESU.