How to get there?

Meeting will be held in Bled, but for the attendants, arriving on Sunday, 29th of April, the programme will start in Ljubljana.


How to get to Ljubljana?

If flying to Ljubljana airport (Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana), there are numerous bus or shuttle rides to Ljubljana main bus station, or you can rent a taxi. Find more information here.

If flying to other nearby airports (Zagreb, Trieste, Venice, etc.), we recommend to try GoOpti service, which can take you to Ljubljana more flexible, corresponding with your arrival to the airport.

Sunday programme will be held at Študentski kampus, headquarters of Student organization of University of Ljubljana at Pivovarniška 6 Ljubljana, which is in a walking distance from main bus and train station of Ljubljana.

After the Sunday programme in Ljubljana is over, we will take you to Bled, where we will be accommodated for the next couple of days in Hotel Kompas.


How to get to Bled?

If arriving to Board meeting directly to Bled, you can take shuttle or taxi, available at the airport. Please note the rooms, as well as meeting place, are situated in Hotel Kompas, Cankarjeva cesta 2 Bled.